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Terms & Conditions

  First 4 Valets reserve the right to change/amend these stated terms and conditions without prior notice.


1.First 4 Valets will carry out the work as stated in the service option selected – which will be agreed in advance between the parties, within the    agreed time. However, should we be unable to complete the work within the time stated, the customer will be contacted and a reasonable re-schedule will be arranged. However First 4 Valets accepts no liability for services not completed on time, or not at all.


2.We make appointments for you and only you. Please allow at least 48 hours notice for any postponement to enable others to benefit from our services. First 4 Valets will charge a minimum administration booking fee of £40 for appointments that are not kept. First 4 Valets do/will not accept cancellations outside these parameters.


3. First 4 Valets will take all reasonable care of your vehicle, however no liability is accepted for:

a. Any loss or damage that is claimed after our valeter/detailer has left your premises/work site (this also applies to personal belongings)

b. Customer failing to ventilate vehicle until all surfaces are dry after internal shampooing/steam clean (to avoid condensation and mould)

c. The fact that steam/pressure cleaning may affect paintwork on older vehicles which will be cleaned at the owners risk.

d. Vinyl Graphics removal causing any damage to paintwork.

e. Damage or loss to your vehicle caused by Acts of God, Government or other factors outside of our control

f. Loss or damage to your vehicle as result of you not disclosing information (such as damages, defects, or weakness) regarding the condition of the vehicle that may affect, or be affected by,  the services performed.

g. Weather conditions affecting ability to work or quality of during any of our services.


4. All vehicles are cleaned at the owners own risk, older cars, over 3 years old may have weaker plastics and paintwork therefore no responsibility will be accepted in the event of failure to such surfaces .


5.First 4 Valets is not responsible for any insurance on the vehicle whilst being valeted – the customer is responsible for this at all times


6.Any damage to First 4 Valets property, or injury to First 4 Valets staff caused by any defects or contents of the vehicle will be the liability of the customer or their insurers.


7.Services will be performed as described in the service option chosen, however First 4 Valets reserves the right to make amendments and alterations to these services at their discretion – any decision on the part of First 4 Valets is full and final.


8. Service will be charged according to the price list and will be agreed with the customer in advance, please note:

a. First 4 Valets accepts Cash or Bank Transfer payments. 

b. Customers will be required to pay upon completion of the service chosen, unless alternative arrangements are agreed, in writing, in advance of service provided date.

c. Payment is deemed completion and satisfaction with service.

d. Overdue payments will be charged a surcharge at 3% daily interest.


9. Please note that certain services may not be available during adverse or seasonal weather conditions or temperatures.


10. Swirl Removal, Paint Enhancement, Scratch Removal, Interior valet/detail remedy services :- First 4 Valets will, to the best of their ability, remove all scratches, stains, blemishes but does not offer any guarantee or implication given/expected that everything will be removed/remedied completely.


11. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of the service provided, the valeter/detailer will be happy to rectify them as set out here but before leaving clients premises. Due to the nature of the business we are unable to accept claims once the valeter/detailer has left clients premises.

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