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mini valet
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My mini valet is a great choice if your car is in pretty good shape and would benefit from having a `spring` clean.  If you are planning to sell, part exchange or end of lease return your car this valet should be considered as will keep your costs to a minimum.

• Car exterior pressure washed to remove surface grit / sand / salts

• Wheels & arches pressure washed

• Exterior prewash treatment applied to bodywork / wheels and arches

• Exterior snow foam treatment applied and allowed to dwell

• Exterior Rinsed clean

• Wheels brush cleaned using PH neutral wheel cleaner

• Exterior hand washed with a 2 bucket safe wash method in PH neutral superior wash enriched with Carnauba Wax for an amazing high quality finish

• Exterior rinsed clean

• Car hand dried via soft drying towels and warm air blower

• Tyres dressed

• All door shuts & boot shut cleaned and dried

• Windows cleaned inside and out

• Interior full vacuum including the boot area

• Internal compartments cleaned  

• Interior trims cleaned and dressed  

• Litter removal

• Floor mats cleaned

• VALET TIME 2 - 4 HOURS aprox

Mercedes mini valet.HEIC


SMALL / MEDIUM      £85
LARGE                       £100
4X4 / MPV / SUV        £120


Prices based on car size examples *

Small / Medium Car      = BMW Mini, Fiat 500, Vauxhall Astra , Ford Focus

Large Car                        = BMW 3 series, Audi A4, Ford Mondeo

4x4 / MPV / SUV             = BMW X range, Range Rover Evoke, Ford Kuga

Estate cars will be classed as the next group size 

Want to know more?


  CALL 07818 058 787  OR CLICK BELOW 

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*All prices are subject to vehicle size, condition, client requirements & for guide purposes only.

A surcharge will apply for very soiled vehicles, excessive pet hair etc . Prices quoted are subject to vehicle inspection prior to a valet/detail commencing.

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